Welcome to the quick reference series of articles. The goal behind this set of articles is to provide players with concise information about each faction and its masters. This way, when you play against a master you’re unfamiliar with you can check the quick reference notes on that master so you won’t be completely blindsided by what it does in the game. I’ll also provide a link at the bottom of the page to an easily printable document that you can use at the gaming table. As a final note, this isn’t intended as a guide on how to beat a master, but more of a means to understand how they operate (which will help you to defeat them).

So with that out of the way, lets get underway with the Guild.


What is the Guild known for?

  1. Guns, lots of guns
  2. High damage output with the critical strike trigger on many models
  3. Strong henchman

What weaknesses are often found in crews?

  1. Typically small crews with low activation count
  2. Lack of summoning and numbers can make Interference and Reconnoiter difficult

What common models should you watch out for?

  1. Francisco + [UPG] Wade In; henchman that gives big Df and Wp buff to a model near him when he activates, has a strong Ml with flurry, and can “teleport” around. Wade In gives him hard to kill and a self-heal.
  2. Phiona Gage + [UPG] Transparency; another hard hitting henchman who has a built-in trigger to drop scheme markers with transparency. She can also create Pillar markers (blocking, hard cover, impassible), take out of activation attacks, and can “teleport”
  3. Austringers (errata version); minion with a great Sh attack, that can force opponents to discard cards, and can push friendlies and have them do interact actions.
  4. [UPG] Debt To The Guild; can “expend” it to draw a card and give model +1 damage to all its attacks for its next activation. When model dies guild players gains a soulstone.
  5. [UPG] Numb To The World; makes the model immune to conditions and can’t be “obeyed” by enemies
  6. [UPG] Hermanos De Armas; gives a family model a (0) to push another model into base contact with it to increase threat ranges.
  7. [UPG] Expert Sleuth; a rare 3 upgrade that when discarded gives +2 to initiative total to help insure the guild players wins


What does Hoffman do?

  1. “Loops” himself and constructs so they can share printed stats (Df, Wp, Ca, Sh, Ml) and use the highest values for duels.
  2. “Obeys” constructs to take (1) actions and has triggers to push target or give it fast
  3. [UPG] Can heal friendly constructs in a pulse next to scrap. Can attach upgrades to friendly constructs which: give armor, give nimble, adds +Ram to Ml and Sh, lets target take (2) interacts as (1) and (1) interacts as (0), and lets an insignificant models take interacts
  4. [UPG] Discards upgrade from friendly construct to heal it and create scrap
  5. [UPG] Slows another construct to give him fast when he activates. Gains action to “steal” actions from other constructs.
  6. When a friendly construct starts a walk by him, he can push into base contact with it after it moves
  7. Attack can ignore armor and has min 3 damage

Difficulty to kill Hoffman: Moderate

  1. Built-In trigger on Df to use nearby construct’s armor (doesn’t count as armor)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. “Beater” Constructs; such as Peacekeeper, Rail Golem, and Howard Langston can take multiple “obey” attacks unlike normal obeys.
  2. Joss; a tough construct henchman who can reactivate himself and whose attack ignores most defensive abilities and triggers
  3. Metal Gamin; a minion who increases Hoffman to a Ca 8 when looped in
  4. Arachnid Swarm; a minion with a built-in multi-attack which is brutal when looped-in for a high Ml stat
  5. Watcher; a cheap and fast minion that can “drag” Hoffman across the board very quickly and is great at doing schemes when upgraded by him.


What does Lady Justice do?

  1. High damage attack (possible min 6) with (+) to damage when not charging. [UPG] Gains triggers to multi-attack or gain (+) to damage.
  2. Ignores LOS when charging
  3. Trigger on Df to hit attacker back if they fail a Ml attack against her
  4. Pulse action that removes all conditions on all models
  5. [UPG] Removes all corpse and scrap in a pulse with a (0). Gains attack to damage all undead and spirits in pulse around her.
  6. Models killed by her don’t place markers

Difficulty to kill Lady Justice: Moderate

  1. Can heal herself with a (0)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Brutal Emissary; can “teleport” Lady J up the board by burying her and then having her unbury next to a scheme marker placed by faster model
  2. Brutal Effigy; cheap minion that places condition on the Lady J which heals her when she deals damage and lets her draw cards when killing enemies


What does McCabe do?

  1. “Throws” his upgrades to models in his crew to push and buff them
  2. [UPG] Gains action to reactivate a minion (once per turn) or when tossed, the model gains nimble
  3. [UPG] Gains new triggers to his main attack or when tossed, the model gains an attack that ignores many defensive abilities and has critical strike
  4. [UPG] Gains action to heal models or when tossed, the model gains regeneration and an unimpeded giving aura
  5. [UPG] Gains armor or when tossed, the model gains an armor giving aura
  6. [UPG] Models with upgrades near him gain (+) to Wp and Ml
  7. High damage potential with critical strike on Ml attack
  8. Sh attack that slows target, pulses slow to those near target, and can paralyze previously slowed targets
  9. Can sacrifice “his horse” to gain another activation and can sacrifice himself at the end of a turn to reactivate himself for that turn (can do all in 1 turn for 3 activations)

Difficulty to kill McCabe: Moderate

  1. Df increases while engaged
  2. The first time you kill McCabe, he doesn’t actually die and instead dismounts and summons his second horseless form

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Luna + Guild Hounds; Luna turns hounds into great scheme runners
  2. Wardens; they gain +Ram to attacks against models that activated which combos well with McCabes saber upgrade that grants an attack with critical strike
  3. Witchling Thralls; tough minions that hit hard and can be reactivated by McCabe
  4. Pale Rider; another model that can abuse McCabe saber upgrade since it gains additional rams to its duels


What does Lucius do?

  1. Walk action allows a friendly model to take a (1) action after passing a Horror duel
  2. “Obeys” minions to take (1) actions while giving them either a free push, free focus, or heals some damage
  3. Places a scheme next to himself and then Flip-flops his position with a friendly model
  4. Give (+) on close attacks and horror duels to nearby minions, mimics, and guardsmen
  5. Creates aura that allows friendly models to interact while engaged
  6. Can damage nearby model when spending a soulstone to regain it
  7. Debuffs enemies with a condition that puts them at (-)(-) to attack minions and mimics
  8. [UPG] Long Range (0) attack that ignores LOS/cover if the target is near a scheme marker and can place a friendly scheme marker on a trigger
  9. [UPG] Counts as friendly to the enemy crew for purpose of auras and pulses they make. Also, turns enemy scheme markers near him into his own at end of the game

Difficulty to kill Lucius: Moderate

  1. Attacks against him at (-) if he discards a card
  2. [UPG] Gains trigger to make a friendly guardsman/mimic take an attack instead of him

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Doppleganger; enforcer that copies other models actions and allows the player to cheat initiative
  2. Terracotta Warrior; minion that can place a buff on minions/enforcers which can be removed when they take damage and this model takes it instead (often reducing the damage to 0 in process)
  3. Witchling Thralls; a tough minion with a great Ml attack that can make a free attack when a scheme marker is placed near him
  4. Emissary + [UPG] Secret Objectives; this combination allows Lucius to make a lot of high damage attacks by discarding scheme markers


What does McMourning do?

  1. Attacks stacks poison on enemies
  2. Expunge Ca attack deals damage to target equal to its poison condition (max 9) then removes it.
  3. [UPG] When he suffers damage from poison he can push himself. Gains aura that turns models around him into undead (helps him stack poison)
  4. [UPG] Can take his Ml attack as a (0) with a 6” range. Also, scheme markers near him at end of the game become friendly to him
  5. Attacks ignore Armor and Hard to Wound
  6. [UPG] Applies condition that allows friendly models to ignore armor and hard to wound. Gains action to “obey” friendly models to take (1) interacts
  7. Tactical (0) pushes friendly model its Wk and it then drops a scheme marker
  8. When another model with poison activates near him, they immediately “tick” for poison damage

Difficulty to kill McMourning: Moderate

  1. Heals himself when dealing Ml damage
  2. Hard to Wound ability with high wound total

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Sebastian; has an aura that causes enemies poison to “tick” for 3 damage instead of just 1 and he also makes models “tick” for poison when activating near him.
  2. Zombie Chihuahua; gives out poison in a pulse when it ends its activation (unavoidable) and can do Expunge attack as well.
  3. Nurse; a Resser minion that has the devastating take your meds attack which can do several buffs and debuffs like paralyzing a model, but healing it to full.
  4. Witchling Stalker + Nurse; the stalker brings condition removal so the guild player can use nurse to paralyze-heal a model and then remove paralyze


What does Nellie do?

  1. Builds evidence condition on herself; when condition is removed at end of turn, she places a scheme marker
  2. CA attack that can lower her evidence to declare multiple built-in triggers including: pushing target, having a friendly model attack the target, and slowing the target
  3. [UPG] Can discard a card or lower evidence to pass on activating a model. Gains (0) incite attack which allows Nellie to force that model to activate (if possible) instead of the model the enemy chooses.
  4. [UPG] Gains action to give friendly model fast and has triggers to place a scheme marker next to the target or heal it.
  5. (0) CA to discard scheme marker in base contact and push herself
  6. CA attack that places a target next to a scheme marker near Nellie and gives target burning
  7. [UPG] Gains one of follow effects based on evidence total at end of turn: Heal a nearby model, give nearby model hard to kill, or gain soulstones. Gains Df/Wp trigger to gain evidence after being hit by an attack. Gains ability to take credit for kills done by conditions.

Difficulty to kill Nellie: Hard

  1. Damage against her can’t be cheated by enemies, but can be cheated “down” by her
  2. Failed attacks near her (including against her) allow her to push attacker in any direction

Other things to watch for are….

  1. [UPG] Embedded; upgrade lets her hire 4 mercenaries instead of 2 at their normal cost
  2. Printing Press; totem increases Nellie’s hand size, can give Nellie evidence, and applies slow to enemies


What does Perdita do?

  1. Long range Sh attack that has triggers for critical strike or gaining (+) to the damage.
  2. [UPG] Gains (0) to ignore cover or to ignore incorporeal and armor
  3. Can discard a card to push towards a friendly family model when she activates
  4. Can discard hand and redraw it as a (0) action
  5. [UPG] She ignores duels required for targeting models. She buffs nearby friendly family models Wp
  6. Trigger on Df to shoot enemies that miss her with a Sh attack
  7. “Obeys” models to take (1) actions
  8. Tactical action lets her shoot enemies in an aura around her before they charge or a take a Sh

Difficulty to kill Perdita: Moderate

  1. Exceptionally High Df and Wp stats (more so with Francisco)
  2. [UPG] Gains armor vs Sh attacks and enemies suffer (-) when targeting her Wp

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Nino; a family member that prevents enemies from interacting around other family members as long as Nino has LOS to the enemy model
  2. Papa Loco; a family member that gives (+) to damage flips of another model near him, when he activates. He also deals massive pulse damage with an action and upon death
  3. Enslaved Nephlim; her totem that can “obey” other models and push them around
  4. [UPG] Diestro; Enemies engaged with a model with this upgrade suffer a (-) to Df duels against Sh attacks


What does Sonnia do?

  1. Long range Ca attack with blasts and trigger to apply burning. Blasts from this attack can be placed within 2” of target instead of base contact
  2. She ignores cover and LOS when attacking a model with burning
  3. (0) action to discard cards or soulstone and increase her Ca, Df, or Wp
  4. [UPG] Creates two Flame Walls (blocking, impassible) that last until she activates again. Additionally, enemies can’t use soulstones while near her.
  5. [UPG] Enemy Ca attacks against models near her lose auto-suits. Gains attack which deal little damage, but forces the model to discard cards or fail Ca actions
  6. [UPG] Burning Enemies that die near her can be “transformed” into Witching Stalkers
  7. Ca actions gain (+) when targeting model with Wp 6 or higher
  8. Trigger on Df/Wp to counter-attack enemies that miss her with a Ca attack
  9. Tactical (0) which applies condition which is removed at end of turn and deals pulse damage. If she is killed while the condition is on her, she deals high damage in a pulse

Difficulty to kill Sonnia: Easy

  1. Ml attack has built-in trigger to heal and draw cards

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Malifaux Child; mercenary totem that can copy Sonnia’s Ca actions and is typically used to create 4 Flame Walls each turn.
  2. Papa Loco; his (+) to damage flips helps Sonnia to cheat her damage flips for blasts
  3. [UPG] Disrupt Magic; all witch hunter models produce an aura that puts enemy Ca actions at a (-)

So hopefully this will gives you the knowledge you need to know in order to avoid falling into some of the traps these masters can set for you. The link for the printable pdf is here.

As with most my articles, I’ll occasionally update the article from time to time with additional information as I see fit and you’ll know based on the article date in the title. Also, if you feel something is missing from the list, state your case and I’ll consider adding it.

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