Welcome to the quick reference series of articles. The goal behind this set of articles is to provide players with concise information about each faction and its masters. This way, when you play against a master you’re unfamiliar with you can check the quick reference notes on that master so you won’t be completely blindsided by what it does in the game. I’ll also provide a link at the bottom of the page to an easily printable document that you can use at the gaming table. As a final note, this isn’t intended as a guide on how to beat a master, but more of a means to understand how they operate (which will help you to defeat them).

So with that out of the way, lets get underway with the Arcanists.


What is the faction known for?

  1. Many models with Armor (primarily constructs)
  2. Many masters like to run heavily in theme

What weaknesses are often found in crews?

  1. Reliance on armor and triggers to keep masters/models alive

What common models should you watch out for?

  1. Howard Langston; nimble beater with min 4 and auto-assassinate trigger on his attacks
  2. Mechanical Rider; tough model to kill which can summon cheap constructs and drops schemes on attack trigger
  3. [UPG] Practiced Production: When activating, model places a scheme marker near any friendly model and then at end of turn removes one
  4. Malifaux Raptors; cheap model that can bury itself and then unburies anywhere on the table at end of turn (often used with Practiced Production to drop schemes)
  5. Joss; tough henchman that reactivates when reduced to 1 Wd and has an attack that ignores Df triggers and many defensive abilities
  6. Cassandra; nimble henchman that can “borrow” Ca actions from other models and puts enemies at (-) to attack her
  7. [UPG] Arcane Reservoir; increases hand size to 7
  8. [UPG] Imbued Energies; can discard for fast or when models dies draw 4 cards


What does Colette do?

  1. Prompt’s a friendly model to take a (1) action and a 3” push. The target can be reactivated on a trigger, but the model is sacrificed afterwards
  2. Allows friendly minions and showgirls near her to take (1) interact actions as (0) actions
  3. [UPG] Summons Mechanical Doves and gains a (2) that allows friendly models to discard friendly scheme marker to take (1) actions
  4. Teleports friendly minions and showgirls near her to friendly scheme markers
  5. [UPG] Discards: soulstone to draw cards or cards to gain a soulstone
  6. Once per turn, when spending a soulstone to add a suit, she regains it
  7. Attack can place scheme markers or make friendly models impossible to charge
  8. (0) Ca attack that targets Df or Wp

Difficulty to kill Colette: Easy if you ignore triggers, otherwise Hard

  1. When reduced to 0 Wds, she has a Df/Wp trigger that allows her to sacrifice a friendly model, teleport next to it, and heal herself
  2. Df/Wp trigger that lets her discard a nearby scheme marker to reduce the damage to 0 and take a short range teleport

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Mechanical Dove; are treated as scheme markers for showgirl actions/abilities and can be sacrificed for (+) on damage or specific duel types
  2. Envy/December Acylotes; common prompt targets that attack from range. The first has blasts and the second’s attack slows targets


What does Ironsides do?

  1. Stacks Adrenaline when near enemies. Adrenaline “ticks” down at end of turn and heals her
  2. Enemies that damage her with Ml attacks are hit back and she gains Adrenaline
  3. Chains attacks by hitting triggers and lowering her Adrenaline.
  4. (0) action places her next to an enemy by lowering Adrenaline
  5. Nearby damaged M&SU in crew gain (+) to attack and damage flips
  6. Mid-range lure which forces target to attack her if in range (and get hit back by her)
  7. [UPG] Gains Adrenaline when nearby models in crew are attacked and gains (0) to “taunt” nearby enemies to charge and walk toward her
  8. Ml attack with min 4, but requires Adrenaline to increase its low base stat

Difficulty to kill Ironsides: Moderate

  1. Hard to Kill ability
  2. [UPG] Gains (+)(+) to Df when next to multiple enemies
  3. [UPG] RJ damage against her is reflipped and she can (0) to remove all Adrenaline and heal
  4. *[UPG] Enemy Ca actions targeting her lose auto-suits. Also gives buffs based on the upgrades on Oxfordian mages

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Oxfordian Mages; if taken as a trio they are 5ss enforcers with 2 (0) upgrades that give them a unique buff, reduce their cost, and can prevent some damage
  2. *[UPG] Warding Runes + Oxfordian upgrades; the model with warding runes can gain: (+) to Df duels with enemy master, immunity to enemy conditions, immunity from enemy pulse damage, and regeneration


What does Kaeris do?

  1. [Limited UPG] Friendly models with burning that activate near her gain flight for the activation and upon ending their activation they lose burning and place a scheme. Additionally, she gains a (0) attack which is resisted by Ht, places the enemy, and deals falling damage
  2. Has flight with a high Wk
  3. Attack that applies burning or removes it to deal damage. [UPG] gains built-in trigger that pushes target back and prevent it from charging
  4. Attack that gains (+) to attack and damage against a burning target. [UPG] gains triggers to create Fire Gamin or Pyre markers (blocking, hazardous) when killing enemies
  5. (0) Pulse that can apply burning to all nearby models
  6. (0) Pulse that removes burning from nearby models to draw cards
  7. Pulse that damages or paralyzes nearby burning models
  8. [Limited UPG] Nearby Friendly models with burning are healed instead of damaged. Additionally, she gains a (0) to place two 50mm Pyre markers (blocking, hazardous)

Difficulty to kill Kaeris: Moderate

  1. Has armor

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Firestarter; quick flying henchman that can reckless for 3AP to scheme. Also can pulse out burning or directly applied it through attacks.


What does Marcus do?

  1. [Limited UPG] Gains one of three abilities upon activation and can discard tombs to gain the others. The abilities are: increasing his damage, increasing his Wk, and gaining melee expert
  2. Chain activates into target beast and controls its full activation (which doesn’t count towards its actual activation)
  3. [UPG] Can take two (0) actions a turn and gains (0) to turn target into a beast
  4. (0) gives beast (+) on attack and damage, but (-)(-) on Df
  5. Action that prevents target from charging and only lets it take walk actions while engaged
  6. [UPG] Gains action to buff all friendly beasts Wp and debuff all enemy beasts Wp. Additionally, gains (0) which gives enemy beasts (-) for all duels within LOS of him (upgrade)
  7. Turns other models into beasts with a trigger on his attack
  8. [Limited UPG] Gains regeneration. Gains one of three abilities upon activation and can discard tombs to gain the others. The abilities are: (+) to attack and damage for main attack, increasing his Df, and can (1) charge

Difficulty to kill Marcus: Moderate

  1. Redirects attacks against him to nearby beasts (including enemies) on trigger

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Against Ramos (and others); Marcus can alpha Ramos and make Ramos sacrifice/explode constructs in his crew
  2. Myranda + [UPG] Imbued Energies; henchman that heals beasts then transforms into a beast (such as a Cerberus) and draws 4 cards off Imbued energies.
  3. Sabertooth Cerberus; beast with (+) to attack and damage while above half wounds that can (0) leap (giving it a large threat range)
  4. [UPG] Pack Leader, Friendly beasts in LOS can attack an enemy that fails a Wp duel


What does Mei Feng do?

  1. Creates a stackable aura that causes Sh and Ca attack actions targeting models in the aura to be on (-) flips
  2. Can place next to scrap or friendly constructs and has built-in trigger to do it again or take an attack
  3. Ml attack that applies burning and gains (+) to damage vs burning targets. [UPG] Adds trigger to push target and attack a different models (can alternate back and forth if targets remain in range) or attack the same model again with her other Ml attack
  4. Ml attack with 3” reach that pushes her into base contact with target even if she misses. [UPG] Adds trigger that can discard all nearby scheme, corpse, and scrap markers
  5. Immune to slow and paralyze
  6. [UPG] Ml blasting attack that causes burning. Additionally, allows Foundry models in crew to ignore auras and markers when drawing LOS (including Stash)
  7. [UPG] Can ignore Armor and Hard to Wound with (0) action

Difficulty to kill Mei Feng: Moderate

  1. Has armor
  2. Df trigger to push away if an attack misses

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Sparks; can turn other models into constructs, give constructs fast, and prevents enemy models around him from targeting other models in their crew with actions
  2. Kang; her henchman has auras that give (+) the attack and damage of all models when attacking construct/undead models and makes living models immune to horror duels


What does Ramos do?

  1. Once per turn, can summon 1-3 Steam Arachnids off of a scrap marker
  2. [UPG] Enemies lose auto-suits when targeting him with Ca actions and he gives friendly constructs near him (+) to Ml attacks
  3. [UPG] Gives nearby crew members (+) to Df duels
  4. Ignores armor and doesn’t randomize with his Ca attack
  5. Pushes himself towards a construct and deals it damage as a (0) action
  6. “Explodes” friendly constructs to deal pulse damage
  7. [UPG] Gains a (0) to summon electrical creations
  8. [UPG] Gains accomplice and action that removes scrap to heal a construct

Difficulty to kill Ramos: Hard

  1. Heals when nearby friendly constructs are killed
  2. Has armor
  3. Trigger on Df to push attacker away from him

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Brass Arachnid; totem that can reactivate 1-2 constructs a turn
  2. [UPG] Powered By Flame; nearby constructs apply burning with attacks
  3. [UPG] Bleeding Edge Tech; nearby minion constructs gain regeneration and gives (0) to make other nearby models Ca actions gain (-)


What does Rasputina do?

  1. “Arcs” Ca attacks (drawing LOS and range) through friendly unengaged Frozen Heart models. [UPG] When “Arcing” the attack’s Ca isn’t reduced and can use triggers
  2. Main Ca attack is a projectile with blasts and multi-attack trigger.
  3. [UPG] Creates two Ice Pillars, which are blocking and impassible, that last until she activates again. Additionally, can discard upgrade to increase her defense for a duel
  4. Has Frozen Heart: Immune to Paralyze and Horror Duels
  5. Ca attack paralyzes a model and all models in base contact with it
  6. [UPG] (0) which gives paralyzed models (-)(-) to all duels and has triggers to deal damage. Additionally, she ignores damage from blasts and pulses
  7. (0) Ca attack with multi-attack trigger
  8. Can give armor to frozen heart models (or stack it)
  9. [UPG] She may treat the Black Joker as the Red Joker.

Difficulty to kill Rasputina: Moderate

  1. On trigger, ends attacker’s activation if they deal damage via Ml
  2. Ca actions against her lose printed suits

Other things to watch for are….

  1. [UPG] Armor of December; gives armor and allows Raspy to push out of engagement
  2. Frozen Heart models; that allow her to “arc” are Ice Gamin, Silent One, Ice Dancer, December Acolyte, Blessed of December, Ice Golem, and Snow Storm
  3. Snow Storm; her henchman who provides nearby models bulletproof, (0) places raspy to get her out of engagements, can blast, and has min 3 damage
  4. Wendigo; totem that can use Rapsy’s Ca actions and can insta-kill paralyzed models
  5. [UPG] Sub Zero; gives all frozen heart minions same trigger to end attacker’s activation that Raspy has (see above)
  6. Arcane Effigy; cheap model that adds burning to all of Raspy attacks for extra damage and can remove conditions.


What does Sandeep do?

  1. Models in his crew can take CA actions on his card (at -1 Ca and each once per turn)
  2. [Limited UPG] Summons gamin and attaches 1 of following upgrades: model can’t be moved and makes nearby enemies discard cards to take interacts, model can’t attack and may interact the turn it’s summoned, or model can’t cheat fate and may take interacts while engaged. Additionally, his Ml attack paralyzes on moderate and severe damage.
  3. [Limited UPG] Summons gamin and attaches 1 of following upgrades: model can’t be moved and increases its attack ranges, model can’t attack and has aura that gives friendly modeles (+) to attacking, and model can’t cheat and is immune to slow. Additionally, his Ml attack damage is increased
  4. (0) CA short range teleport
  5. (0) CA that allows caster to take an interact action, including while engaged on a trigger
  6. Ranged CA attack with decent damage
  7. Ranged CA attack that pushes target towards caster and can heal caster on a trigger
  8. After another model uses one of his actions with a tomb in the duel, he can discard a card to take a (1) action once per turn
  9. [UPG] Gains (0) to make a friendly model Incorporeal. Additionally draws cards when he kills enemies.
  10. [UPG] Gains action that lets him take damage to draw a card when friendly Academics discard a card. Gains action that lets Academics in crew not randomize when shooting a target near Sandeep. Finally, Academics don’t need LOS to use Sandeep’s Ca

Difficulty to kill Sandeep: Moderate

  1. Impossible to Wound ability
  2. Reduces damage by 1 (to min of 0) if hasn’t activated

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Banasuva; his totem can only be summoned off other gamin, but hits quite hard and can steal abilities from nearby gamin
  2. Wind Gamin; the most common summon for him, they can’t be killed and instead bury when reduced to 0 Wds. Once buried they can then be sacced to push other models in crew
  3. Oxfordian Mages; they benefit greatly from Sandeep’s upgrades

So hopefully this will gives you the knowledge you need to know in order to avoid falling into some of the traps these masters can set for you. The link for the printable pdf is here.

As with most my articles, I’ll occasionally update the article from time to time with additional information as I see fit and you’ll know based on the article date in the title. Also, if you feel something is missing from the list, state your case and I’ll consider adding it.

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