So we recently had our first GG2017 tournament here in Des Moines, IA and I took notes on the table table games for your reading pleasure.

Comments in Green are my own thoughts on the game
Activations in Red are significant ones

Game 1: Rasputina vs Mah Tucket

Close Deployment
Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Frame For Murder, Hidden Trap, Recover Evidence

Arcanist Crew:

(1) Rasputina – 7ss cache
+Shattered Heart – 3ss
+Cold Nights – 1ss
+Arcane Reservoir – 2ss
(2) Wendigo – 3ss
(3) Snowstorm – 11ss
+Sub Zero – 1ss
(4) Blessed of December – 9ss
(5) Ice Dancer – 6ss
(6) Silent One – 6ss
(7) Ice Gamin – 4ss

Claim Jump, Recover Evidence

Gremlin Crew:

(1) Mah Tucket – 7ss cache
+Lead Lined Apron – 2ss
+Know The Terrain – 1s
+Out For Blood – 2ss
(2) Old Cranky – 4ss
(3) Trixiebelle – 8ss
(4) Francois LaCroix – 7ss
+Stilts – 1ss
(5) Lucky Emissary – 10ss
(6) Burt Jebsen – 7ss
(7) Slop Hauler – 5ss

Dig Their Graves, Frame For Murder (Francois)


Gremlin player wins deployment flip and chooses to deploy second. The deployment picture can be found here

I think you’ll quickly notice that this game gets bloody very quickly due to both crews deploying so closely to each other. I do think this was a bit of a mistake on the Arcanist side though because Raspy being so far forward makes her easy to engage quickly and shut her down. The Arcanist player didn’t know about Mah’s push at the start of the turn, but he should’ve known that Gremlins have models fast enough to get her engaged at that distance.

Turn 1

Arcanists win initiative flip and make Gremlins go first. Mah Tucket immediately pushes up to the centerline with “Get off my land”.

  • GR: Mah does “Aim For The Sore Spots”  to improve her Ml stat + range and hits the trigger to charge Snowstorm. After a series of attacks and SS prevention flips, Snowstorm is left with 3 Wds left.
  • ARC: Snowstorm uses his (0) action to place Rasputina out of engagement and then attacks Mah a couple times dealing 5 Wds after SS prevention flips.

The Arcanist player was worried that Snowstorm would be killed and activated him early here, but I think that was a bit of a mistake since that is his only way to reposition Raspy. I think a better move would’ve been to use the Silent One to heal Snowstorm instead.

  • GR: Lucky Emissary uses his (0) to push forward and double walks to engage Rasputina again.
  • ARC: Ice Gamin uses his (0) bite of winter to increase nearby models damage and then attacks Mah a couple times dealing 2 Wds after SS prevention flip.
  • GR: Old Cranky double walks to put Emissary in his aura for (+) to Df flips
  • ARC: Blessed (0) leaps next to Mah to box her in and deals no damage to her from attacks (more SS prevention)
  • GR: Francois goes reckless and triple walks up into the growing engagement.
  • ARC: Silent One moves in position to attack Mah and deals 1 Wd after SS prevention
  • GR: Burt goes reckless and moves within charge range of Snowstorm
  • ARC: Raspy keeps trying to walk out of engagement, but fails to do so
  • GR: Trixie goes reckless walks forward and then fails both lures on the slop hauler to pull it forward
  • ARC: Wendigo moves to cast december’s curse at Old Cranky but misses
  • GR: Slop Hauler goes reckless and triple walks to get near his crew so he can heal next turn.
  • ARC: Ice Dancer double walks back towards the rest of her crew instead of moving up the left flank.

No VP score this turn.

Turn 2

At the start of the turn Recover Evidence is revealed by the Arcanist player and markers are placed next to (Francois, Burt, Cranky, Slop Hauler, and Trixie). The Arcanists win the initiative flip, but the Gremlins uses Ill Omens to cheat to win.

  • GR: Burt goes reckless, places a scheme marker, and charges into Snowstorm only dealing 1 Wd after SS prevention.

The Gremlin player said he regretted not activating Mah first, but he wanted to assure his Dig point which is why he lead with Burt.

  • ARC: Snowstorm manages to kill Mah and heal 5 Wds from the gorge trigger
  • GR: Emissary kills Snowstorm and reveals Dig Their Graves to score 1VP. Additionally, this causes Snowstorm to explode and deal 4 Wds to 6 different models (Blessed, Raspy, Ice Gamin, Burt, Francois, and Emissary). The head is placed near Burt.
  • ARC: Ice Gamin walks on top of the headmarker (to keep anyone from picking it up), does his (0) Bite of Winter, and misses Burt with his attack.
  • GR: Slop Hauler moves forward and heals Francois 3 Wds, Burt 3 Wds, and himself 2 Wds.
  • ARC: Silent One deals 3 Wds to the Emissary and 3 Wds to Burt from a blast marker
  • GR: Francois goes reckless and charges Blessed, but misses all 3 attacks
  • ARC: Blessed attacks Emissary and leaves it with 1 Wd left
  • GR: Old Cranky moves forward and misses his shot at the Ice Dancer
  • ARC: The Wendigo moves and deals 2 Wds to Cranky with December’s curse
  • GR: Trixie goes reckless to move twice and place a scheme marker
  • ARC: Ice Dancer charges the Emissary and kills it dealing 1 Wds to multiple models

Arcanist (0); Headhunter (0), Claim Jump (0), Recover Evidence (0)
Gremlins (1); Headhunter (0), Dig Their Graves (1), Frame For Murder (0)

Turn 3

The Gremlins once again cheat to win initiative this turn.

  • GR: Francois kills the Blessed with his first attack and scores Dig Their Graves (off the scheme Trixie placed). His second attack was against the Ice Gamin and upon killing it the gamin explosion ended up killing Francois (scoring 2VP for Frame For Murder for the Gremlin player).
  • ARC: Raspy finally starts and activation not engaged and starts blasting. The first attack kills Old Cranky and her second (with attack again trigger) kills Burt and blasts into the Slop Hauler dealing 2 Wds. At this point nothing is in range and unengaged so she moves forward.
  • GR: Trixe walks forward and picks up a head marker for 1VP
  • ARC: Silent One ends up dealing 2 Wds to Trixie and healing Raspy for 3 Wds.
  • GR: Slop Hauler moves on top of another head marker
  • ARC: Ice Dancer charges and kills Trixie
  • ARC: Wendigo uses December’s cures on the remaining Slop Hauler and kills it

Arcanist (0); Headhunter (0), Claim Jump (0), Recover Evidence (0)
Gremlins (5); Headhunter (1), Dig Their Graves (2), Frame For Murder (2)

Turn 4&5

Unfortunately for the Gremlin player, he ended with no models on the table after turn 3 and so the Arcanist player had free reign of the board to score points.

Arcanist (6); Headhunter (2), Claim Jump (1), Recover Evidence (3)
Gremlins (5); Headhunter (1), Dig Their Graves (2), Frame For Murder (2)

Game 2: Shenlong vs Marcus

Corner Deployment
Squatter’s Rights
Claim Jump, Eliminate The Leadership, Accusation, Tail ‘Em, Last Stand

Ten Thunders Crew

(1) Shenlong – 5ss cache
+Wandering River Style – 1ss
+Misdirection – 2ss
+Recalled Training – 1ss
(2) Peasant – 2ss
(3) Sensei Yu – 9ss
+Promising Disciple – 2ss
+Equality – 1ss
(4) Izamu The Armor – 10ss
+The Peaceful Waters – 0ss
(5) Shadow Emissary – 10ss
+Conflux Of The Dawn
(6) Monk of Low River
(7) Monk of Low River

Schemes: Tail ‘Em, Last Stand

Arcanist Crew

(1) Marcus – 6ss cache
+The Trail Of The Gods – 1ss
+The Hunger Cry – 1ss
+Feral Insticts – 1ss
(2) Myranda – 8ss
(3) Kudra – 7ss
(4) Blessed of December – 9ss
(5) The Scorpius – 6ss
(6) Performer – 5ss
(7) Performer – 5ss
(8) Performer – 5ss

Schemes: Eliminate The Leadership, Claim Jump


The Arcanist player deploys first and the picture can be found here

I’ll refer to the Squat makers as: Squat(1), which is top left marker in the picture, to Squat(5), which is the bottom right marker.

Turn 1:

The 10T player wins initiative and chooses for the arcanist player to go first. After initiative, a peasant places a scheme marker to summon a 2nd peasant for Shenlong’s Powerful Chi ability.

  • ARC: Marcus chooses +3 Wk at start of his turn and then double walks up to squat(4) and claim it.
  • 10T: LR Monk (0) focuses to gain focus +2 and then walks
  • ARC: Myranda double walks close to Marcus
  • 10T: Slow Peasant gives focus to LR Monk (making him focus +3)
  • ARC: Performer(1) double walks toward the middle
  • 10T: Peasant sacs himself to let Shenlong take a (0). Shenlong chooses to attach Wandering River Style and chooses to discard Wandering River Style to give both him and Sensi Yu (attaches discarded upgrades from Shenlong) the upgrade.
  • ARC: Kudra double walks forward towards the centerline
  • 10T: Emissary pushes Yu which gives him fast, walks forward, and uses his (0) to remove focus +3 off the LR Monk to draw 3 cards.
  • ARC: Scorpius double walks and (0) pushes towards middle
  • 10T: A fast Yu uses Shenlong’s (0) to gain focus +1 and defensive +1, airbursts Shenlong forward which gives Yu another focus, then double walks (with fast) up to Squat(1), and lowers his focus by 1 to claim Squat(1)
  • ARC: Performer(2) double walks towards the middle
  • 10T: LR Monk(2) double walks and (0) goes defensive
  • ARC: Perform(3) walks and lures Blessed forward
  • 10T: Shenlong uses (0) to gain focus and defensive +1, mighty gusts Izamu, double walks up to Squat(2), and lowers his focus to claim it.
  • ARC: Blessed walks forward, (0) leaps up to Squat(3), and claims it.
  • 10T: Izamu double walks forward

Last Stand is reveal by the Thunders player at the end of this turn. No points are scored this turn.

Turn 2

The Thunders player wins initiative and chooses to go first. After the initiative flip, Shenlong does a (0) to gain focus and burning +1.

  • 10T: Shenlong takes his (0) to switch to High River Style and misses both his attacks on Kudra from a charge. He then places the spotted condition on Kudra.

So I had walked away from the table at this point to answer another table’s questions and later found out that Shenlong illegally did this move (only minions can do it). After I told both players as much, they agreed that the Thunders player had the activations to do the action and allowed it to score for this round.

  • ARC: Performer(2) moves to the centerline and places a scheme
  • 10T: Peasant gives focus +1 to LR Monk and walks into a safer position
  • ARC: Performer(3) walks near the centerline and places a scheme
  • 10T: LR Monk(1) walks forward, (0) focuses (to go to +3), and goes defensive
  • ARC: Kudra moves away from Shenlong and elemental bolts the peasant for 2 Wds
  • 10T: LR Monk(2) heals peasant for 2 Wds, walks into a safer position, and (0) goes defensive
  • ARC: Performer(1) lures Shenlong forward and moves
  • 10T:  Yu moves towards middle, airbursts Shenlong back towards his crew, moves back into safety, and uses Shenlong’s (0) to gain burning and defensive +1.
  • ARC: The Scorpius charges Shenlong and misses both attacks
  • 10T: Emissary uses his (0) to remove focus off LR Monk and draw 3 cards. Next it pushes Izamu which gives him fast, and moves behind hard cover.
  • ARC: Blessed fails its (0) leap and instead charges a LR Monk, dealing 3 Wds.
  • 10T: A fast Izamu walks behind cover and goes defensive +2

While I understand the Thunders player was playing carefully with his Enforcers because of Last Stand, it still looked to me as if he was being a little bit too cautious with them.

  • ARC: Myranda obeys the Blessed to attack the LR Monk again and it kills the Monk. She the fails to use her heal because of the black joker
  • ARC: Marcus chooses +2 damage buff upon activating and then kills the remaining peasant with his charge

I’m not certain why Marcus targeted the peasant on this charge as he could’ve gone after a more significant threat, but I’m guessing he was playing cautiously (which I think was a mistake on his part).

Marcus (2); Squatters (1); Claim Jump (1); Eliminate The Leadership (0)
Shenlong (3); Squatters (1); Tail ‘Em (1); Last Stand (1)

The game took a slight turn at this point because now that both players knew that Tail ‘Em could only be done by minions, it made the solo Thunder minion (LR Monk) a high priority kill now.

Turn 3

Arcanist win initiative and go first. Shenlong takes (0) to gain burning? and defensive +1.

  • ARC: Marcus discards a book to gain +2 damage and melee expert for the turn. He then charged the remaining LR Monk and killed it. Then Marcus walks up to Shenlong and attacks him using melee expert to deal ?? Wds after the Arcanist player discards 2 cards to ignore misdirection. Marcus finally ties to turn Shenlong into a beast with his (0), but fails.
  • 10T: Emissary moves forward, pushes Izamu which makes him fast, and uses his (0) Aspect of the Dragon to add blasts to any moderate or server damage done to enemies in the aura.
  • ARC: Performer(3) moves and places a scheme
  • 10T: A fast Izamu charges Shenlong and proceeds to make 4 attacks. On each attack Shenlong either cheats or stones for a mask to misdirect the attack to Marcus. This ended up killing Marcus and the Scorpius from blasts (due to Emissary’s ability adding blasts to the attack).

This a clever idea on by the Thunders player to bypass Marcus’ defensive abilities by attacking Shenlong and using Misdirection, but as others have pointed out this only works when enemies attack the model so this was actually a misplay. The combo of Izamu + Emissary is also another clever play, but the blast markers are only placed when it was a focused attack (which these attacks were not).

  • ARC: Blessed charges Shenlong, but after failing to deal any damage just leaps to safety on top of a building.
  • 10T: Yu moves towards the Blessed to might gusts him off the ledge and putting him into Yu’s engagement.
  • ARC: Kudra moves and fails to elemental bolt Shenlong
  • 10T: Shenlong double walks up to Squat(3) and steals it away from the Arcanists. He then does his (0) to gain defensive and burning +1.
  • ARC: Performer(1) moves and tried to lure Shenlong off the marker, but she fails because Shenlong burns himself using High River Style to dodge the attack
  • ARC: Performer(2) fails to lure Shenlong because he burns himself again. She then places a scheme
  • ARC: Myranda charges Shenlong and deals a little damage

Marcus (3); Squatters (1); Claim Jump (2); Eliminate The Leadership (0)
Shenlong (5); Squatters (2); Tail ‘Em (1); Last Stand (2)

Turn 4

The Arcanist win initiative and go first. Shenlong takes (0) for defensive and focus +1.

  • ARC: Kudra charges Shenlong and manages to deal 4 Wds and Poison +2. This reveals Eliminate the Leadership and score 1VP for getting Shenlong below half his Wds.
  • 10T: Shenlong uses his (0) to switch to Low River River and then heals himself for 4 Wds and removes the poison condition on him. His last AP is used to go defensive.
  • ARC: The Blessed fails its leap and instead settles with attacking Yu and dealing 5 Wds
  • 10T: Izamu kills the Blessed and moves forwards
  • ARC: Performer(3) walks and claims Squat(5)
  • 10T: Emissary uses (0) to remove focus of Yu and draw a card. It then pushes Yu out of combat (giving him fast as well), and moves forward
  • ARC: Myranda attacks Shenlong, but fails to deal any damage
  • 10T: A fast Yu double walks up to Squat(4) and does a focused mighty gust attack to push the Performer backwards.

After doing it, the Thunders player realized his mistake in using focus on the mighty gust attack. He should’ve instead lowered his focus to steal the Squat marker away from the Arcanist player. I imagine the logic was he didn’t have a high card and he was worried the performer with Don’t Mind Me would just reclaim the Squat marker if he didn’t push her away.

  • ARC: Performer(2) places a scheme
  • ARC: Performer(1) moves and places a scheme

Marcus (6); Squatters (2); Claim Jump (3); Eliminate The Leadership (1)
Shenlong (7); Squatters (3); Tail ‘Em (1); Last Stand (3)

Turn 5

Thunders win initiative and go first. Shenlong takes (0) to gain focus + burning +1.

  • 10T: Shenlong attacks Kudra twice with focused punches, but only deals 3 Wds. He then heals himself for 2 Wds.
  • ARC: Kudra attacks Shenlong back, dealing 4 Wds and Poison +1. She the uses her (0) to place a forest to help break LOS from charges.
  • 10T: Emissary moves towards Shenlong, uses his (0) to remove the poison and draw a card, and pushes Izamu which gives him fast.
  • ARC: Performer(2) lures Shenlong, but misses her next attack
  • 10T: A fast Izamu moves forward and kills Performer(1) on the charge. He the uses Melee Expert to attack Myranda and deal 3 Wds.
  • ARC: Performer(3) walks up next to Yu to deny him from claiming Squat(4)
  • 10T: Yu uses (0) to switch to Low River Style and heals Shenlong back up to full
  • ARC: Myranda attacks Shenlong which is misdirected to Kudra who takes 2 Wds. Myranda then shapeshifts into a Cerberus
  • ARC: Cerberus takes a last ditch effort to kill Shenlong but its attack is misdirected again and Kudra takes 3 more Wds

Marcus (7); Squatters (3); Claim Jump (3); Eliminate The Leadership (1)
Shenlong (8); Squatters (4); Tail ‘Em (1); Last Stand (3)

It was a good game, but I think both sides suffered from picking the wrong 2nd scheme (ironically if they flip-flopped their choices it would’ve worked out better for both of them) On the Thunders side he didn’t fully read the new scheme and misunderstood how it worked. On the Arcanist side, I think his crew wasn’t aggressive enough to score Eliminate The Leadership and would’ve had a much easier time with Tail ‘Em.

Game 3: Guild McCabe vs Von Schill

Standard Deployment
Claim Jump, Leave Your Mark, Frame For Murder, Show of Force, Inspection

Guild Crew:

(1) McCabe – 6ss cache
+Promises – 1ss
+Badge of Speed – 1ss
+Glowing Saber – 1ss
(2) Luna – 4ss
(3) Francisco Ortega – 8ss
+Wade In – 1ss
(4) Guild Pathfinder – 6ss
(5) Field Reporter – 4ss
(6) Field Reporter – 4ss
(7) Guild Hound – 3ss
(8) Guild Hound – 3ss
(9) Guild Hound – 3ss
(10) Guild Hound – 3ss
(11) Clockwork Trap -2ss

Schemes: Inspection, Frame For Murder (Pathfinder)

Outcast Crew:

(1) Von Schill – 4ss cache
+Engage At Will – 1ss
+The Shirt Comes Off – 1ss
+Survivalist – 1ss
(2) Steam Trunk – 3ss
(3) Rusty Alyce – 10ss
+From The Aether – 2ss
(4) F.Librarian – 7ss
+The Bigger They Are – 1ss
(5) Big Jake – 5ss
(6) F.Trapper – 6ss
(7) Freikorpsmann – 5ss
(8) Freikorpsmann – 5ss

Schemes: Show of Force, Frame For Murder (Librarian)


The Outcast player deploys first and the picture can be found here

The Clockwork Trap that started on the table is just out a view on the picture, but its at the bottom blocking the pathway up the right side of the table edge.

Turn 1

Outcasts win initiative and choose for the Guild to go first.

  • GLD: Pathfinder (0) summons a trap on the left flank and moves inside the building to miss a shot at the Trunk.
  • OC: Librarian double walks behind cover on the right side of the table
  • GLD: Francisco uses El Mayor on McCabe and double walks right up the middle of the board
  • OC: Rusty Alyce uses her two (0) actions (because of Engage At Will) to create a scrap marker and then summon an abomination from it. She the double walks straight up the middle of the table behind some barrels.
  • GLD: McCabe reactivates Hound(2) and pushes it 4″ by throwing it the Badge of Speed. He then double walks up the middle of the board next to Francisco.
  • OC: Von Schill walks forward and charges the Pathfinder, dealing 2 Wds

I felt like the positioning of the pathfinder made it an obvious Frame For Murder target, but the Outcast player either didn’t care or perhaps thought it was a bluff.

  • GLD: Reporter(R) double walks up the right flank
  • OC: Trapper takes a focused shot at Reporter(L) and cheats the Red Joker to kill it
  • GLD: Hound(1) walks into the left building
  • OC: The slow Abomination walks forward
  • GLD: Hound(4) double walks towards left flank
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(R) double walks toward the right side inspection point
  • GLD: Luna walks behind a forest and goes defensive
  • OC: Trunk double walks toward Schill
  • GLD: Hound(3) walks toward the middle of the board and goes defensive
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(L) double walks toward the left side inspection point
  • GLD: Hound(2) double walks and places a scheme marker near the middle of the board
  • OC: Big Jake double walks up to the Trunk
  • GLD: Hound(2) reactivates to continue walking up the middle and then goes defensive

After seeing the Guild player drop a maker and then go defensive with Hound(2), I’m not quite sure what he was planning on doing with it (other then trying to fake convict labor) or why he even bothered to burned a card to black flash it this round. I thought it would’ve been more practical to just triple walk it and leave it at that.

Turn 2

Outcasts win initiative and choose to go first.

  • OC: Von Schill kills the Pathfinder and gives the Guild +3VP for Frame For Murder. He then charges Hound(2) and kills it (and McCabe reclaims the Badge).
  • GLD: McCabe fails to Black Flash Hound(3), uses his (0) to push Francisco while giving him the Badge of Speed, and slows Rusty with a focused netgun shot.

I’m not quite sure what the Guild player was going for with McCabe this round, but it seems like a “weak” activation for a master overall. He really need to be getting in the mix and trying to kill the softer targets or Alyce to stop the summoning.

  • GLD: Francisco companion activates, nimbles up to Schill, and flurries on him dealing 6 Wds after SS prevention. He then uses his (0) to put Ml attacks against him on (-) flips.
  • OC: Big Jake charges Frank and misses both attacks

The charge here wasn’t so much to kill Frank, but instead block and further charges into Schill.

  • GLD: Hound(3) double walks next to the librarian
  • OC: Librarian furious casts at Hound(3), but only deals 2 Wds
  • GLD: Reporter(R) walks up to right side inspection point and places a scheme to bluff Claim Jump
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(R) shoots at the trap, but fails to hit it
  • GLD: Hound(1) walks within Inspection point on the left side
  • OC: Abomination charges Hound(3) and misses both attacks, but kills it with it caustic aura
  • GLD: Luna moves forward, but is hiding behind the right side building
  • OC: Trapper takes a focused shot at Hound(1) and kills it
  • GLD: Hound(4) walks within the Inspection point on the left side
  • OC: Freikorps(L) shoots at the trap on his side and removes it from play
  • OC: Trunk does nothing
  • OC: A slow Rusty Alyce summons abomination(2) and misses a shot at McCabe

She does this instead of moving out of the middle of the board because of Show Of Force.

  • OC: Abomination(2) walks up to Francisco

McCabe (5); Inteference (1), Inspection (1), Frame For Murder (3)
Von Schill (2); Interference (1), Show of Force (1), Frame For Murder (0)

Turn 3

Guild win initiative and choose to go first.

  • GLD: Francisco uses his (1) place to move next to Alyce and deals 5 Wds to her before taking his (0) to defend against Ml attacks

After seeing the player do this move, I later asked him if he did it to avoid the Aboms can’t take (0) actions aura, but he didn’t even know that was an ability of theirs. That said, I do wander if this activation would’ve been better spent flurrying Schill again to kill him or at least burn out his cache.

  • OC: Librarian moves near Alyce and heals her for 1 Wd

She was out of range to heal Schill at this point and Alyce was halfway between her and Schill.

  • GLD: McCabe moves up to Alyce and deals 4 Wds to her, leaving her with 1 Wd left

If the Guild player had been more aggressive at her last round this could’ve easily been a killing blow (or Francisco’s attack could’ve done it too). I think this was a missed opportunity.

  • OC: Trapper goes 3 for 3 and kills Hound(2) on the left flank
  • GLD: Reporter(R) repositions to a safer spot, but staying within 4″ of inspection point
  • OC: Trunk moves towards Alyce
  • GLD: Luna shifts from the right side of the board and starts heading towards the left flank
  • OC: Abomination(1) double walks up to Luna to engage her
  • OC: Alyce (0) heals for 2 Wds using the Trunk and then focus punches Francisco for 8 Wds (leaving him with 1 left)
  • OC: Schill walks up to Francisco and kills him with a focused attack (Badge of Speed returns to McCabe)
  • OC: Big Jake double walks near Luna
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(R) kills the trap on that side
  • OC: Abomination(2) double walks to better position for scoring Interference

The game was looking pretty grim for the Guild player at this point, but I imagine at this point he knew the Schill player had Frame on something as well. This could’ve factored into the choices he made by trying to avoid killing anything with McCabe or Francisco.

McCabe (5); Inteference (1), Inspection (1), Frame For Murder (3)
Von Schill (4); Interference (2), Show of Force (2), Frame For Murder (0)

Turn 4

Outcasts win initiative and choose to go first.

  • OC: Alyce once again (0) heals 2 Wds off the Trunk and then kills McCabe’s horse with a focused punch (summoning his 2nd horseless form).

This attack does allow McCabe to place his new model outside of engagement to better maneuver for the turn.

  • GLD: A slow McCabe double walks towards Luna then pushes her out of engagement by throwing her the Badge of Speed with his (0)
  • OC: Schill (0) heals 2 Wds off the Trunk, moves forward, and then misses McCabe twice with his charge attacks

I think this was a huge misplay by the Outcast player. This allowed Luna to get away without needing to even cheat to get out of engagement and he should’ve instead engaged her again with Big Jake or the Abomination.

  • GLD: Luna triple walks to get in range of the left inspection point
  • OC: Abomination(2) double moves up to Reporter(R)
  • GLD: Reporter(R) tries to interview Abomination(2), but fails

Of coarse it fails, the thing likely doesn’t have vocal cords….. /end joke

  • OC: Trapper takes a focused shot at Luna, but only manages 2 Wds
  • OC: Librarian double walks up to McCabe
  • OC: Big Jake (0) consults the ancestors and attacks McCabe dealing 4 Wds
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(L) double walks to get into position to try and kill Luna
  • OC: Freikorpsmann(R) double walks to get into position to try and kill Reporter(R)
  • OC: Abomination(1) charges McCabe and misses both attacks
  • OC: Trunk double moves near the fight

McCabe (6); Inteference (1), Inspection (2), Frame For Murder (3)
Von Schill (6); Interference (3), Show of Force (3), Frame For Murder (0)

Turn 5

Outcasts win initiative and choose to go first.

  • OC: Trapper once again takes a focused shot at Luna, but is unable to kill her
  • GLD: Luna moves to a safer position by the Inspection point and goes defensive
  • OC: Schill has to spend all of his attacks, but manages to kill McCabe.

This was a pretty important activation because if Schill managed to kill McCabe without spending to much AP, he could potentially get a shot at Luna to kill her. The McCabe player kept cheating/flipping high enough to burn out all of Schills AP though.

  • GLD: Reporter(R) interviews Freikorpsmann(R) and pushes him back 5″

This is a big deal because it forces the Outcast player to shoot at her now (and randomize) with the Freikorpsmann instead of just moving in to ML her.

  • OC: Abomination(2) attacks the Reporter, but only deals 1 Wd
  • OC: Freikorps(R) fires twice into engagement (Reporter and Abomination), but only manages to hit the Abomination for 1 Wd
  • OC: Alyce moves into position to make a last ditch effort and fires into the engagement, but due to the (-) flip she misses the shot

McCabe (7); Inteference (1), Inspection (3), Frame For Murder (3)
Von Schill (7); Interference (4), Show of Force (3), Frame For Murder (0)

The flip for the 6th turn failed and so the game ended in a draw putting both players out of the running for 1st place. The game looked like it was practically over on Turn 3, but due to a key misplay it allowed the Guild player to keep himself in the game.

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