Welcome to the quick reference series of articles. The goal behind this set of articles is to provide players with concise information about each faction and its masters. This way, when you play against a master you’re unfamiliar with you can check the quick reference notes on that master so you won’t be completely blindsided by what it does in the game. I’ll also provide a link at the bottom of the page to an easily printable document that you can use at the gaming table. As a final note, this isn’t intended as a guide on how to beat a master, but more of a means to understand how they operate (which will help you to defeat them).

So with that out of the way, lets get underway with the Outcasts.

What is the faction known for?

  1. Masters excel at killing
  2. Large variety of models

What weaknesses are often found in crews?

  1. While specific masters have weaknesses, the faction doesn’t have any over-arching weaknesses

What common models should you watch out for?

  1. Ashes & Dust; Can’t gain conditions, 3AP with swift, and when its killed it breaks into 2 parts which can reform it
  2. Freikorps Trapper; Cheap sniper with triple pluses on focused shots
  3. Johan; Cheap model with relic hammer and condition removal
  4. Hannah; Grants larger hand size, removes suits on enemy actions near her, copies other models CA actions, and has blasts on Ml
  5. Rusty Alyce; Creates can’t charge aura around her and does high damage
  6. Killjoy; Starts game buried and unburies when a model dies, often combined with fast cheap models to get him into opponents face early in game
  7. I Pay Better (upgrade); Merc models can discard card to gain focus
  8. Oathkeeper (upgrade); Discard to gain fast


What does Hamelin do?

  1. Activation control king because of the “rat engine” only he can bring/summon (see other things)
  2. Summons his totems and also creates rats when models near him with blighted condition die
  3. Obeys models to take actions (upgrade)
  4. Stacks blighted condition, which allows Hamelin and others in his crew to do additional effects to affected targets
  5. Can choose to not gain any given condition
  6. High damage Ca and Ml attacks against models with lots of blight
  7. Sacrifices friendly models to draw cards (upgrade)
  8. Mid-range Lure that deals damage, but grants cover

Difficulty to kill Hamelin: Moderate

  1. When killed, he can sacrifice one of his totems to heal back above 0
  2. Enemies can’t end charges near him (upgrade)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Rat “Engine”; it goes something like: Totems/Obedient Wretch turns into 2 rats a piece, rats each activate then combine into Rat King, and finally Rat King turns into Rat Catcher and rat for a total of 9 activations before moving anything else
  2. Nix; Severe and Red Joker damage reduced to moderate, can choose not to gain a condition, is incorporeal, heals himself, and can deal damage to a model equal to its blighted value like Hamelin
  3. Rat King; Charge blighted models for 1AP, Multi-attack on trigger, and can jump to scheme markers to remove them as a (0) action


What does Jack do?

  1. Applies negative upgrades (called curses) to enemies through his two Ca attacks; two deal damage to the target when it takes certain types of actions and the other insta-kills minions unless cards are discarded
  2. High damage output when used in combination with his curses and trigger to “rip them off” for more damage
  3. Tormented models near him may push when they activate (upgrade)
  4. Can obey tormented models and copy their actions (upgrade) or he can push them around with a (0) action
  5. Trigger on ranged attack to teleport next to target
  6. Tactical that allows Jack to place scheme markers when a model is killed near him

Difficulty to kill Jack: Moderate to Easy (if easy access to focus)

  1. Attack and damage flips against Jack are made at a (-)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. The Bigger They Are (upgade); Increases damage to a model with an upgrade on it, including one of Daw’s curses
  2. Hodgepodge Emissary; Gives out friendly upgrades, good schemer, and gives out curse that deals damage when target cheats fate
  3. Montresor (Errata); Great damaging tarpit with a short range “lure”
  4. Oathkeeper + Guilty + Beater; Make the beater tormented with a guilty so you can push it when it activates, burn oathkeeper for extra walk, and then charge a target that was previously out or range and LoS


What does Leveticus do?

  1. Often at end of his activation he summons one of his waifs (totem), buries, heals to full, and then at end of turn unburies next to any waif near an “anchor” and sacs it
  2. Ca attack that ignores damage reduction, hard to wound, hard to kill, and additionally can’t be soulstone prevented on a trigger
  3. Trigger to summon Abomination after killing enemy models (upgrade to do this with ranged attack)
  4. Trigger to deal damage equal to half target’s remaining wounds on his range attack (upgade)
  5. Limited upgrades allow him to hire out of faction undead or construct models (upgrade)
  6. Gains focus at the start of his activation by taking 2 damage
  7. Can sacrifice either a friendly construct to draw cards or a friendly undead to teleport next to it

Difficulty to kill Leveticus: Very Hard

  1. Doesn’t die when killed; instead he is buried, heals to full, and can unbury at end of turn by sacrificing one of his totems

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Hallow Waifs; Levi’s free totems that he can “pop” out of at end of the turn, you’ll need to kill them if you want to kill him
  2. “Anchor” models; Any model that cost 6ss+ that needs to say nearby waifs for levi to pop out (otherwise he can’t)
  3. Mechanical Rider; Summons in more models for Levi and is hard to kill later in the game


What does Misaki do?

  1. Can charge while engaged and ignores models and terrain when doing so
  2. Ml Attacks include an insta-kill trigger and blasting
  3. Can stalk an enemy; gaining (+) to attack and damage against target, can (0) action attack target, and can move when target moves (upgrade)
  4. Tactical that lets her push away from enemies that end a walk near her; often combined with her disguise upgrade (see difficulty to kill)
  5. Gives Last Blossom minions two abilities: Can bury during activation and then unbury near a friendly model at end of turn; Can place blocking terrain markers (upgrade)
  6. Steals soulstones from enemy leader and add them to her cache (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Misaki: Easy/Moderate

  1. She reduces damage from Sh attacks
  2. Disguised which prevents others charging her (upgrade)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Hodgepodge Effigy; allows her to repeatedly hit her insta-kill trigger by spending her last stone to gain a crow (which gives her 2nd crow with no stones) then if she kills the target, she regains the stone


What does Parker do?

  1. Many of his upgrades can be discarded for an effect (which also gives him a soulstone), but he can reattach them (or attach new ones) by discarding soulstones or enemy scheme markers
  2. Attack deals more damage by discarding upgrades (auto-trigger) or can place an enemy scheme marker next to the target (auto-trigger)
  3. Can force target to discard cards or auto-fail tactical actions
  4. Can steal soulstones from enemy or they take damage (upgrade)
  5. Can discard cards at end of activation to replace enemy scheme markers near him with friendly ones
  6. Ranged scheme marker removal that doesn’t need LoS (upgrade)
  7. Nearby bandits get a free walk after initiative on the first turn and he can discard the upgrade when shooting into an engagement to take a shot against all involved models (upgrade)
  8. Obeys other models (ideally bandits) to take actions (upgrade)
  9. Creates hazardous terrain markers that grant cover (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Parker: Moderate

  1. Damage reduction against Sh attacks (upgrade)
  2. Additional soulstones gains allow more damage prevention flips
  3. Gains soft cover when near another model and can redirect attacks against him to friendly models (upgrade)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. See general list


What does Tara do?

  1. Reactivates herself if she is the first and last model to activate in her crew
  2. Ca attack gives fast or slow to target and can bury the target (upgrade)
  3. Unburies friendly/enemy models next to her and lets them chain activate after her; she controls the enemies activation when unburying them in this way (upgrade)
  4. Prevents damage to void models by discarding cards (upgrade)
  5. Copies actions from buried models (upgrade)
  6. Discards cards to pulse out fast to all nearby models, but must affect one enemy
  7. Can put up chatty aura which denies nearby enemy models from interacting
  8. Can teleport to anywhere in her deployment zone (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Tara: Easy

  1. Trigger against Sh attacks to reduce damage to 0
  2. Very high Df and Wp vs Ca attacks

Other things to watch for are….

  1. “Beast Bomb” Tactic; This looks like: Friendly beater is buried (or starts buried if Killjoy), Tara move up board and reactivates herself, upon Tara 2nd activation she unburies the beater to chain activate it, and beater charges into enemy crew early in game
  2. Nothing Beast (Errata); Very tough model that is often the “beast bomb” target
  3. Scion of The Void; Can bury when targeted by attacks, other models can use his action while buried, and unburies when a friendly takes his (0) action
  4. Death Marshals; Tara can hire them to help her bury models (usually friendly ones which Tara unburies)
  5. Void Wretch; cheap scheme runners that are durable (for cost), can heal buried models, and deal decent damage (for cost)
  6. Karina; Tara’s enforcer totem that can summon undead models


What does Viktoria do?

  1. Has a 0ss Henchman with very similar abilities
  2. High damage attack with trigger to attack all nearby enemies
  3. Ignores armor, hard to wound, hard to kill, and incorporeal with Ml attacks (upgrade)
  4. Gives all sisters +2 damage with Ml attacks (upgrade)
  5. Can gain (+) to attack flips if no other sisters nearby
  6. Fewer cards in hand gives Ash (+) to Wp and Df duels
  7. Can turn on a Df buff aura for sisters
  8. Can place another sister model next to her (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Viktoria: Easy

  1. When a sister model is healed, all friendly sisters are healed

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Viktoria of Blood; her free henchman and doppleganger
  2. “Sling Shot” Tactic; Looks like: Totem moves forward and places Henchman Vik in front of her, Master Vik double moves and places Henchman Vik in front of her, Henchman Vik burns Oathkeeper and charges in
  3. Howling Wolf; Makes a non-sister minion a sister for the turn
  4. Malifaux Child; Can cast +2 damage buff instead of using master’s AP
  5. Hannah; Can cast +2 damage buff while on Vik of Blood and this gives her +2 damage on her attacks as well, making her hit very hard


What does Von Schill do?

  1. Can charge while engaged and ignores models and terrain when doing so
  2. Nearby Freikorps gain a Wp buff and “pseudo” hard to kill
  3. Ml attack ignores armor and can lower targets Df
  4. Sh attack ignores hard to wound and deals high damage
  5. Tactical action allows him to shoot all enemies in range and LoS
  6. Can command any Freikorp (including himself) to take a Ml attack against a target with 2 or fewer wounds

Difficulty to kill Von Schill: Moderate

  1. Has Armor
  2. Ignores damage from pulses and blasts

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Steam Trunk; gives all friendly models their choice of (0) action while near it which can remove poison/heal, remove burning, or remove corpse/scrap
  2. Rusty Alyce + Schill’s Engage at Will upgrade; this combo allows Alyce to summon in an abomination each turn without spending AP
  3. Hannah; often used with a Freikorps Librarian to allow for a lot of healing within the crew

So hopefully this will gives you the knowledge you need to know in order to avoid falling into some of the traps these masters can set for you. The link for the printable pdf is here.

As with most my articles, I’ll occasionally update the article from time to time with additional information as I see fit and you’ll know based on the article date in the title. Also, if you feel something is missing from the list, state your case and I’ll consider adding it.

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