Welcome to the quick reference series of articles. The goal behind this set of articles is to provide players with concise information about each faction and its masters. This way, when you play against a master you’re unfamiliar with you can check the quick reference notes on that master so you won’t be completely blindsided by what it does in the game. I’ll also provide a link at the bottom of the page to an easily printable document that you can use at the gaming table. As a final note, this isn’t intended as a guide on how to beat a master, but more of a means to understand how they operate (which will help you to defeat them).

So with that out of the way, lets get underway with the Gremlins.

What are the Gremlins known for?

  1. High damage output, often by damaging themselves via dumb luck/thinkin luck trigger
  2. High AP generation due to the Reckless ability which allows models to hurt themselves for an extra AP
  3. Good cheap models that allows crews to have lots of activations

What weaknesses are often found in crews?

  1. Models often hurt themselves, making it easier to kill them
  2. Lower stats overall
  3. Negative triggers they must take

What common models should you watch out for?

  1. Trixiebelle; allows the player to cheat initiative, pushes enemies/pulls friendlies, and can move schemes with a (0) action.
  2. Rooster Riders; charge for 1 ap (with positives to attack and damage if on 2 or less wounds), and has a trigger to charge after the attack.
  3. Lenny; is immune to conditions, gives other gremlins near him “ghetto armor +1”, and adds rams to those same gremlin’s duels so they can use dumb luck trigger.
  4. Burt Jebsen (Buff Target); high damage melee model that can pull enemy models together for blasting and can “throw” attacks at him to other friendly models
  5. Pigapult; has 24” Sh attack that ignores cover and LOS and can place an Ht 1 model 24” away for schemes.
  6. Merris; has an aura that prevents damage from blast and pulses on friendly models and she can place schemes with a (0) action.
  7. Fingers prevents interacting for enemies near him, can turn enemy scheme markers into friendly ones, and is difficult to kill.


What does Brewmaster do?

  1. Applies Swill condition on enemies which puts them on negatives for all duels and flips
  2. On The House allows any models near to take this action to heal and gain poison
  3. Debuff’s enemy models Wp based on how much poison is on them
  4. Puts up the Drinking Contest aura with a (0); it forces enemies to pass a Wp duel each time they declare an action or take his On The House action instead
  5. Obeys other models to take actions
  6. Forces enemy models to discard a card and gives out a negative effect based on the suit (upgrade)
  7. Pulse away scheme markers to heal himself (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Brewmaster: Easy

  1. If an attack misses, he can placed the attacker back in his deployment zone

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Wesly; becomes Brewmaster if the original dies while near Wesly.


What does Mah do?

  1. Melee beater with triggers to push herself or target
  2. May charge while engaged and ignore intervening models and terrain (upgrade)
  3. Pushes other models around from range
  4. Can sacrifice a friendly gremlin when it misses an Ml attack, giving all friendly gremlins a (+) to Ml attacks.
  5. After flipping initiative, the suit of the card flipped gives her crew a buff: Ignore severe terrain, models killed deal pulse damage, models gain +1 Ml, or draw a card when a gremlin is killed
  6. Increases herself to Ml 7 with 3” reach with tactical

Difficulty to kill Mah: Easy

  1. Can prevent enemies from charging her with a (0) action
  2. Can gain armor +1 (upgrade)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. See general list


What does Ophelia do?

  1. High damage range attacks, including one that causes Horror duels (upgrade), and one that ignores LoS (upgrade)
  2. Crew members near her can’t randomly hit any Ht 1 models when shooting into engagements
  3. Gain (+) to Sh actions (including on a charge), but opponent selects the target (as long as it’s his model and a legal target)
  4. Attaches personal upgrades to herself during the game with a tactical action
  5. Can push friendly gremlins into base contact with her
  6. Pulse that removes slow and paralyze off friendly Kin in exchange for burning +1 (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Ophelia: Moderate

  1. Pushes away from attack after suffering damage (trigger)
  2. Discarding upgrade reduces damage by 1

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Francois; high damage melee beater with reckless.
  2. Young Lacroix; can use attacks from Ophelia’s upgrades and can reattach those upgrades to her.


What does Somer do?

  1. Summons Bayou Gremlins (upgrade)
  2. High damage ranged attack with blasts
  3. Forces opponent to discard hand while discarding his own
  4. Buffs gremlins around him by giving them a suit and/or giving option to take 1 damage to gain (+) on actions
  5. Can cheat from top of deck
  6. Draws cards when gremlins die near him

Difficulty to kill Somer: Moderate

  1. Can push away from attacker after attack’s resolution (trigger)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Slop Haulers; Heal multiple models a round and can lower enemies Df value
  2. Skeeters; insanely fast model with high Df that can use Somer’s (0) actions
  3. Show Off (upgrade); allows friendly gremlins (typically summoned bayou gremlins) to sacrifice themselves to do pulse damage (and draw cards if they die near Somer).


What does Ulix do?

  1. Summons Piglets and War Pigs (upgade)
  2. Can “Obey” pigs near him to either attack with a (+) flip (no upgrade) or charge an enemy (upgrade)
  3. Has a pulse that “pulls” pigs closer to him, often used after making a pig charge for multiple charges in a round
  4. Main attacks buff pigs which attack the same target
  5. Has a 4” engagement range
  6. Pushes into base contact with pigs after they finish a walk that started next to him
  7. Can suffer damage to heal all pigs in a pulse

Difficulty to kill Ulix: Hard

  1. Base Df/Wp increases while pigs a near him (trigger)
  2. Impossible to Wound

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Old Major; pigs that start next to him gain (+) to attack and damage when charging and can reactivate if opponent empties hand
  2. Corn Husks (upgrade); Pigs can discard enemy scheme markers to heal or Piglets can do (1) Interacts as (0) actions


What does Wong do?

  1. Blaster that can chain attacks (trigger) and generate pulses from the original target which deal additional damage
  2. Buffs a model in his crew, allowing it to ignore armor, hard to wound, and incorporeal (no upgrade). Additionally, the chosen model can gain regeneration and have all its attacks deal +1 damage (upgrade).
  3. “Picks up” a scheme marker which a placed near him at the end of the round, this is commonly used for scoring schemes
  4. Pulse attack that allows him to discard any close by scheme markers to increase its range, often used to deny schemes
  5. Ml attack allows him to place 6” away (trigger)
  6. Can bury an enemy model and replace it with a piglet that the opponent can control (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Wong: Hard

  1. Removes suits from enemy Ca Actions targeting him
  2. Pushes away from attackers that damage him (trigger)
  3. Armor +1

Other things to watch for are….

  1. McTavish (Buff Target); high damage range model that doesn’t randomize and ignores cover.
  2. Lazarus (Buffed Target); good damage range blaster
  3. Swine Cursed; buffed by the upgrade that buffs Wong’s magical model


What does Zipp do?

  1. Can place three 50mm markers that are Ht 5, blocking, and impassable once per turn
  2. Attack vs Ht that places the target and ignores damage reduction
  3. Attack with auto-trigger to apply a condition that gives victim -2 Wk, can’t charge, and can’t take (0) actions
  4. Enemies must discard cards to take interact actions near him
  5. Enemies must discard cards when using soulstones or (0) actions near Zipp (limited upgrades)
  6. Attack that forces opponent to discard all cards of a specific suit from their hand (upgrade)
  7. CANNOT take interaction actions

Difficulty to kill Zipp: Hard

  1. Places 6” away after an attack resolves (trigger)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Earl Burns; Zipp’s minion totem that can place next to Zipp after the master (or other Sky Pirate) walks and then do interacts (since Zipp can’t do them himself).
  2. Iron Skeeters; can move other Ht 1 models around with a (0) action and create more 50mm markers like Zipp.
  3. Hovering Airship (upgrade); this allows a sky pirate with it to take a ranged attack with min 3 damage without LOS.


What does Zoraida do?

  1. Obeys other models to take actions
  2. Summons voodoo doll (her totem), which can “connect” to another model. When the voodoo doll takes damage or gains a condition, so does the connected model.
  3. Applies condition on an enemy model that lets her draw cards when it takes actions
  4. Can push away enemy models in a pulse around her
  5. Can place 15” away (upgrade)

Difficulty to kill Zoraida: Moderate

  1. Opponents attacking her without focus will suffer a negative to the attack flip
  2. Opponents that deal moderate of severe damage end activation (trigger)

Other things to watch for are….

  1. Rooster Riders; can be obeyed by Zoraida to make charges (since its only 1 ap).
  2. Hexed Among You + Waldgeist; Opponent may be trying to pin you in your deployment zone with from the shadows placing of the waldgeist.

So hopefully this will gives you the knowledge you need to know in order to avoid falling into some of the traps these masters can set for you. The link for the printable pdf is here.

As with most my articles, I’ll occasionally update the article from time to time with additional information as I see fit and you’ll know based on the article date in the title. Also, if you feel something is missing from the list, state your case and I’ll consider adding it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article. Also if you really enjoy my work, check out the S&S podcast here and my new Patreon site here.