Hello and welcome to Recalled Training. My goal in this series of articles is to talk about my games with Ten Thunders and hopefully both of us, you the reader and I, will learn a bit from these games. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures for this game so I’ll positionally describe things as best I can…

Asami vs Titania

Extraction with Flank Deployment
Convict Labor, Exhaust Their Forces, Show of Force, Covert Breakthrough, Occupy Their Turf

My Crew (10T)
(1) Asami (A Heavenly Design 2ss, The Fate of Mortals 2ss, The Peaceful Waters 0ss) – 7ss
(2) Amanjaku – 3ss
(3) Ohaguro Bettari (Smoke Grenades 1ss, False Target 0ss) – 8ss
(4) Yamaziko (Death Contract 1ss, Equality 1ss) – 7ss
(5) The Illuminated – 7ss
(6) Rail Worker – 5ss
(7) Ten Thunder Brother – 5ss
(8) Monk of Low River – 4ss

His Crew (Neverborn)
(1) Titania (A Queen’s Champion 2ss, Behold My Glory 1ss) – 4ss cache
(2) The Gorar – 3ss
(3) Barbaros (Malifaux Provides 1ss) – 10ss
(4) Mr. Tannen – 6ss
(5) The Claw – 7ss
(6) The Tooth – 7ss
(7) The Thorn – 7ss
(8) Alp – 3ss
(9) Alp – 3ss

My Schemes: Exhaust Their Forces, Covert Breakthrough
His Schemes: Exhaust Their Forces, Covert Breakthrough

Pre-Game Comments: The terrain and opposing faction didn’t factor into my crew building, as I figured I could get both my schemes and the strategy with the core Asami crew I’ve been running with. I did I try out a couple new models to see how they mixed into the crew though.

Setup: I choose to deploy first and he picked his corner. The board was fairly balanced, but did include a puddle of toxic sludge that we called hazardous terrain on the left of the extraction zone. There were several muddy spots (severe terrain) in the middle with a few dead trees as blocking terrain. A bit further out were height 5+ “sludge pumps” that made a broken triangle each roughly 10″ from the center. He deployed like so

  • Left Flank: Titania, Gorar, Alp (to the left side of a sludge pump)
  • Mid-Table: The rest of his crew bunched up (right side of sludge pump)
  • Right Flank: None

I deployed as follows.

  • Left Flank: 10T Brother, Illuminated, Yamaziko
  • Mid-Table: Asami, Amanjaku, Low River Monk, Rail Worker
  • Right Flank: Bettari


Turn1 Highlights (Neverborn won initiative – 10T activated first)
10T brother walks up to the center line on the left flank
-Barbaros turns on his challenge aura and walks forward towards extraction marker

As you may have guessed at his crew build, the whole point of the crew is to force a lot of WP duels and force me to attack Barbaros and Titania instead of his crew. So he moved Barbaros towards the middle of the board to try and put most my crew in the “taunt” aura.

-Rail worker walks towards extraction marker, partially behind a tree
-The Claw walks towards rail worker, pulls him into base contact, and deals some damage
-Asami walks forward and summons 2x yokai (flipped Red Joker for 1 of them)

At this point I screwed up my summoning positioning, because Bettari was out of range to place behind a yokai. This would’ve allowed for Bettari to make a turn 1 charge. I summoned two yokai because they will last a couple turns with flicker 2 and soak up some of the initial hits (I didn’t care if they died).

-Tannen walks and uses bored to tears on a yokai, giving him -2 on his charge (turns out this didn’t matter)
-Low River Monk walked towards extraction marker, partially behind tree
-The Thorn charges the rail worker, finishes him off (I drop a scrap marker and he attached The Queen’s Champion), and pulls the Low River Monk up to him
-Yokia 1 charges Barbaros (dealing 1 to Asami), misses both attacks, and gets knocked back after the 2nd one (Barbaros trigger)
-Titania moves towards extraction area and attacks a Yokai

My memory is a bit fuzzy what actually happened here, but I think she just dropped a scheme marker with her attack and used the trigger for the She Will End Us All condition (attack her, discard two cards, or fail the attack)

-Bettari moves up the right flank behind a sludge pump
-The Tooth walks towards extraction area and challenges Yokia 1 to push through hazardous terrain and attack her (which I do hit and use the trigger to make a corpse marker). She then attacks back and kills the Yokai
-Amanjaku walks forward to block LOS to Asami so she can’t be charged turn 2
-Alp 1 walks forward behind the claw and thorn (positioning to put my models in its aura; pass WP duel or gain slow, which does 1 damage when slowed near it)
-Yamaziko walks forward to position for master tactician next turn (discard 2 cards per unrevealed scheme)
-Alp 2 walks up to Yamaziko (to put her in it’s auras)
-The Illuminated moves up to center line on left flank (bluffing convict labor with it and 10T bro)
-Gorar moves forward behind is large group of models (presumable hiding and waiting to transform into the first minion that dies)

Both of us had really good cheat hand this round, but I decided to hold back on my cheating and let him succeed on his attacks (he ended up cheating most of his hand). This would allow me to really pressure him on round 2 with more significant models (I would have 13,12,11,11 at least). I also really liked having a couple of tougher cheap models to throw into my opponents face so I can start summoning bigger models when they die (I don’t like summoning non-yokai unless I can get them to flicker +2 by discarding a corpse/scrap marker). Thankfully he didn’t take the upgrade The Forest Claims All to constantly remove all my markers. His heavy focus on dealing with my summons also allowed my more important models to go unmolested on the first turn.

My Points (0): Extraction 0, Exhaust Their Forces 0, Covert Breakthrough 0
His Points (0): Extraction 0, Exhaust Their Forces 0, Covert Breakthrough 0


Turn2 Highlights (Neverborn won initiative – Neverborn activated first)
-Titania first used Queen has Risen and discarded a couple markers to push the claw. She then attacked both the low river monk and Yamaziko, tagging them both with her She Will End Us trigger (discard two cards to attack anything other then her or it fails).

My opponent realized he placed his models too close and was unable to move Barbaros forward until the claw was out of his way, so he went with Titania first to get the claw out of the way. I guess he didn’t want Yamaziko attacking his minions so he went with Titania first to protect them, but I didn’t think it was necessary and her turn this rounds seemed a bit lackluster (which I was perfectly fine with).

-Yamaziko avoided getting slowed by the Alp and moved without breaking its melee to use master tactician on Titania. I won the initial flip, he cheated, and I dropped the 13 forcing him to discard the rest of his hand.
-Thorn attacks my low river monk twice for little damage, but draws two cards

The built in trigger to draw cards on the thorn seems a bit too good with all the scheme dropping this crew can do and I suspect she will be the one other master’s are going to most commonly use. This did allow him to start to rebuild a hand much to my annoyance.

-Bettari charges thorough the sludge pump and attacks the alp dealing some damage and then hits the trigger to push the alp and charge another model. She ended up failing to kill the Gorar on the second charge, but engaged it and Tannen

While the alp wasn’t the ideal charge target, I needed to get it away from my monk so it wouldn’t die from a failed WP duel (it had to take two, one from Curse of Autumn and one from the alp) and getting pinged for 1 by the alp (he had 1 wound left). This was important because he was the only model positioned to exhaust something this round. Randomly, I hit the tome trigger to push the alp away and charge again (which left me with the same problem, but I saw a Gorar that I needed to deal with as well). Unfortunately nothing died this activation much to my annoyance (and Tannen’s no cheating aura wasn’t helping).

-Alp 1 moves back forward next to the monk
-Asami walked forward and summons two obsidian oni, one next to the scrap marker the rail worker dropped (which was in the middle of a lot of his crew) and the other next to the corpse marker by the Tooth. She then used her 6″ place to hide behind a tree.
-Barbaros puts up his challenge again and attacks obsidian oni 1 behind him
-Obsidian Oni 1 attacks and kills his alp 1 next to my monk

I was left with a hard choice on this activation because of his (0) action heal. I only had one card in hand (an 11) which I wanted to keep, but the monk could really use the healing. I ultimately decided not to use the card.

-The Tooth attacks obsidian oni 2 and kills him by top decking a severe hazardous terrain flip and following it by a top decking red joker damage
-The Illuminated charges alp 2 next to Yamaziko and kills it
-Tannen exhausts Bettari
-Low River Monk fails WP duel and gains slow, but exhausts the claw. He then fails to heal using his (0) action heal (I had no cards in hand at this point)
-Gorar ties to kill the monk, but fails to do so

Finally his lack of a hand starts to pay off and he can’t cheat to kill the monk (which would allow him to remove exhaust)

-Amanjaku moves and hurts Asami to charge Barbaros, but fails both attacks and is knocked back

This was a stupid mistake on my part as I didn’t realize Barbaros could do a knockback as a defensive trigger (he stoned for it). The whole point of this action was to engage the claw who was next to Barbaros to prevent him from removing exhaust. I should just walked up to the claw and left it at that.

-The Claw failed to kill the monk with the first attack, but got him with the second attack

Once again him not having a hand payed off, as he needed to kill the monk on the first attack so he could remove exhaust with the second action. This also gives me another corpse marker to work with for next round.

-10T brother walks forward and drops a marker for covert breakthrough

I think the play of the round was still forcing him to discard four cards, but he was able to recover some of his hand. Ultimately, I think it worked out as he wasn’t able to cheat key attacks at the end of the round and deny me my exhaust point. Though he did get some really good luck with killing one of my obsidian oni before it even did anything. I think he ended up moving the marker a little bit this round as he had more models around it, but I still scored my point.

My Points (2): Extraction 1, Exhaust Their Forces 1, Covert Breakthrough 0
His Points (2): Extraction 1, Exhaust Their Forces 1, Covert Breakthrough 0


Turn3 Highlights
(10T won initiative – 10T activated first)
-Bettari focuses, gives herself masks for a (0), attacks Tannen, and kills him

So this was probably the stupidest activation of the game on my part. Why? I had no cards in hand after that attack and it didn’t gain me any points. Bettari failed the manipulative duel (2 cards), had to cheat the attack since he cheated it up (2 cards), and then had to flay cheat to deal severe and kill him. While Tannen was causing a lot of problems, he wasn’t worth 6 cards, but once I committed to the attack I wasn’t going to burn a bunch of cards and not kill him.

-Barbaros puts his challenge up and attacks my oni, but fails to do much damage
-Obsidian Oni exhausts Barbaros

At this point I knew I couldn’t rely on flipping cards since I couldn’t cheat, so I tried to take actions from that didn’t involve needing cards in hand from this point on.

-The Thorn exhausts Bettari
-Illuminated walks up and drops a scheme marker for covert breakthrough
-Titania attacked Yamaziko dropping a marker next to her and then charged Asami to drop two more scheme markers.

My opponent didn’t realize that Asami can pulse away scheme markers and heal (I actually didn’t remember until he started doing this). After I pointed this out, it changed the way he played as he tried to reposition her.

-Yamaziko picked up the marker and moved next to the two fighting masters then braced on her yari (deals 4 damage to anything charging her or friendlies in 3″)

In retrospect, I probably should’ve gone with Asami first and I’m not sure why I didn’t do that at the time.

-The Claw uses his challenge to pull Asami out of range of the markers
-Asami was able to walk within pulse range of the markers, focused (remember no cards), and then did my (0) pulse to remove the two markers. I still had one action left at that point so I gave Amanjaku focus +2.
-Gorar walked up and attacked Asami to drop another scheme marker
-Amanjaku kills the Gorar
-The Tooth starts walking towards my deployment zone and engages Yamiziko
-10T Brother drops a marker and moves into the extraction area

When the turn ended, the obsidian oni flickered out and left another marker in his backfield. We both end up scoring exhaust and extraction point for the round, but he moves the marker once again.

Honestly, I think this turn ended well for me considering I had no hand for all, but the first activation. Though if I had a hand I may have been able to pressure his hold on the extraction marker or overwhelm him with summoned models. The fight for the game at this point was shaping up to be if I could deny his breakthrough points or not (assuming he wasn’t bluffing me).

My Points (4): Extraction 2, Exhaust Their Forces 2, Covert Breakthrough 0
His Points (4): Extraction 2, Exhaust Their Forces 2, Covert Breakthrough 0

Turn4 Highlights
(10T won initiative – 10T activated first)
-Asami pulses away more scheme markers and summons a Yokai

I probably should’ve waited longer on activating Asami in retrospect to clear out all the nearby markers (since all of his models were engaged and dropping them via attack triggers).

-The Tooth tries to finish off Yamaziko, but leaves her on 1 wound
-Yamaziko attack back and leaves the tooth on 1 wound
-Barbaros charges Yamiziko despite having to take 4 damage, killing her, and triggering her death contract (he had a terrible hand this round though and had plenty of cards to discard though)
-Bettari exhausted the thorn
-The Thorn exhausted Bettari back
-Yokai kills the tooth

At this point we hit our time limit and had to call the game. So we ended up at a 9-9 draw. I think I could’ve still pulled the game out if I had another turn by killing enough of his models to gain activation control and then using Asami to pulse away most of his breakthrough markers in the end. Still it was a close game the whole time and I learned a bit about both crews.

My Points (9): Extraction 3, Exhaust Their Forces 3, Covert Breakthrough 3
His Points (9): Extraction 3, Exhaust Their Forces 3, Covert Breakthrough 3

Closing Thoughts: Titania is quite difficult to deny points on any scheme based schemes and has quite a few simple duels that you are forced into having to pass each round. Though it seems she may still be weak against ranged crews (a common Neverborn issue), but this crew can take the hits better. I’m not sure if the alps added much to the crew, but my opponent likes to take crews with some less common synergies.

As for the actual gameplay, I felt like he needed to get the autumn knights more in the face of my crew to force me to take more WP duels. Instead he just yanked solo models into his front lines (usually after they had gone) so I wasn’t taking as many duels. I also felt that Titania should’ve been more central to start the game so again, I would be forced to deal with more duels.

I think the game I played wasn’t too bad other then the mistakes I talked about earlier. I did learn that I like taking a couple cheap models that charge in to tie up the enemy and die quickly. The obsidian oni are also great summons when surrounded by enemies, due to their armor and explosive demise. This chain of events will likely become a staple for my Asami crews and I’ll have to experiment with which models I should be bringing in to initially die.

Model & Upgrades Performance:

  • Asami – I feel like this game I was getting a better balance between cards used for summoning and cards used for other purposes. I probably summoned in to many Jorogumo’s in previous games.
  • The Fate of Mortal upgrade – I honestly didn’t even use this most of the game (though I probably forgot to use it a couple times). I think I got more work out of Nefarious Pact in previous games.
  • Amanjaku – I think he does stay in the list as bumping up your flicker is sometimes needed.
  • Bettari – She is a great model, but I’m not sure she is an auto-include with this crew. Once I get a few more games in, I am going to drop her from the list to see how much I miss having her.
  • Monk of Low River – I didn’t realize that his condition removal was only a 1″ until I wanted to use it this game. Now that I know that, I’m not sure if I like him much more then a wastrel, but I can change up my play to try and still use him to remove slow from summoned models.


Well that is all I got for today, so stay tuned for my next battle report soon.