Hello and welcome to Recalled Training. My goal in this series of articles is to talk about my games with Ten Thunders and hopefully both of us, you the reader and I, will learn a bit from these games. So on the the game….

Asami vs McCabe

Squatter’s Rights with Flank Deployment
Convict Labor, Leave Your Mark, Hunting Party, Frame For Murder, Detonate The Charges

My Crew (10T)
(1) Asami(A Heavenly Design 2ss, Nefarious Pact 2ss, Misdirection 2ss) – 7ss cache
(2) Amanjaku – 3ss
(3) Ohaguro Bettari (Recalled Training 1ss) – 8ss
(4) Ama No Zako (Recalled Training 1ss) – 9ss
(5) The Lone Swordsman – 7ss
(6) Ten Thunder Brother – 5ss
(7) Ten Thunder Brother – 5ss

His Crew (Guild)
(1) McCabe(Promises 1ss, Glowing Saber 2ss, Badge of Speed 2ss) – 7ss cache
(2) Luna – 4ss
(3) Guild Hound – 3ss
(4) Guild Hound – 3ss
(5) Guild Hound – 3ss
(6) Guild Hound – 3ss
(7) Guild Austringer – 6ss
(8) Guild Austringer – 6ss
(9) Guild Pathfinder – 6ss
(10) Death Marshal – 6ss

My Schemes: Hunting Party,Detonate The Charges
His Schemes: Leave Your Mark, Detonate The Charges

Pre-Game Comments: So I built my crew to score Hunting Party and planned for Asami to get Detonate with her marker dropping tricks (when sacrificing oni). I also felt the crew was flexible enough to do any of the other three schemes as well if I needed to change them up due to my opponents crew. I was a bit worried that Asami could be easily taken out so I threw Misdirection on her so I could hopefully survive if my opponent decided to go after her aggressively.

After seeing his crew, I knew Hunting Party would be easy to score with so many dogs. He would be out activating me early in the game though, so I doubted I would be able to get a early Detonate off, but I figured I could still get it once he was a few models down and those dogs started getting tied up in melee.

Setup: My opponent picked his corner for flank and deployed first as follows…

  • Left Flank: Pathfinder
  • Mid-Table: McCabe, Hound, Austringer
  • Right Flank: Luna, 3x Hounds, Austringer, Death Marshal

I deployed in two main groups. The first had my Enforcers who were positioned so they could quickly target his isolated minions (pathfinder, solo hound). The other group included the bulk of my forces, ready to take the middle. The last 10T Brother took position to rush the right flank squat marker.

  • Left Flank: Ama, Lone Swordsman, 10T Brother
  • Mid-Table: Asami, Bettari, Amanjaku
  • Right Flank: 10T Brother

As a quick side note, when I go through the turn highlights, I tend to focus on what is happening in areas of the board instead of the exact model activation order (which I often forget half the time anyways).

Turn1 Highlights (10T won initiative – Guild activated first)
He started the turn by running two hounds up to the right flank squat marker in order to flip it turn 2. I countered by running my 10T brother up and used his 3″ place to tie up his hound on the squat marker. In the middle he mispositioned a hound (presumable to try and tie up or flip one of the markers there) and Bettari was able to charge it due to her ability From The Darkness (ignore LOS, models, and terrain on charges). I decided to go ahead and kill it to help with activation control despite not scoring Hunting Party (due to it being turn 1) and I was rewarded by hitting the trigger to make a corpse marker on both attacks, making 3 corpses to bump up my future summons’ flicker. Asami activated  late and summoned a Tengu on top of a squat marker so I could flip it next turn.  This was followed by Amanjaku, who moved forward and bumped up the Tengu’s flicker so it would last until next turn. This apparently was my opponents cue to focus and shoot the Tengu with his Death Marshal to kill it outright. On the left flank, the swordsman charged the pathfinder, but missed both attacks (I didn’t cheat it because it was turn 1 and I didn’t want to kill it just yet). McCabe then moved forward, pushed the pathfinder out of combat by throwing it a sword, blackflashed an austringer, and the fired a net to slow the swordsman. Ama followed and double walked towards a squat marker and put up hazardous with the pathfinder in it. The pathfinder only took 1 damage from hazardous and he dropped a scheme marker (an illegal move as we later realized since he has from the shadows) near the two enforcers (at which point I correctly guess he had detonate the charges). This was followed the one of his austringers delivering the message to a hound to drop a 2nd scheme marker near my 10T brother (right flank). Since I was out activated, I couldn’t do anything about it and he scored detonate.

My Points (0): Squatter’s Rights 0, Hunting Party 0, Detonate The Charges 0
His Points (3): Squatter’s Rights 0, Leave Your Mark 0, Detonate The Charges 3


Turn2 Highlights (10T won initiative – 10T activated first)
Ama activated first to flip the left flank marker. I then screw up by burning a stone and flipping a card to obey my swordsman, but realized he was out of range. So instead I just target the only thing in range which was his pathfinder and walk it back up to my swordsman (waste of a stone and card really, as it wasn’t important). The pathfinder and slow swordsman exchange attacks and both miss. McCabe reclaims his sword, black flashes an austringer, throws his sword to the pathfinder to push it out of engagement, throws his badge to the reactivated austringer, and then netguns the swordsman twice to paralyze him. I think my opponent messed up McCabe’s turn when he took two netgun attacks and would’ve been better served trying to kill the swordsman or the 10T brother nearby. My 10T brother waited till the other models had activated and then placed a scheme marker near both McCabe and the pathfinder to detonate next round (it was my last activation).

In the middle of the board, he used his nimble austringer to flip his first squat marker and because I didn’t realize it had been reactivated it flipped his 2nd squat marker the following activation and walked up to a 3rd one to deny me flipping it. Thankfully, Betteri doesn’t need LOS to charge and saved the day be killing the austringer after discarding recall training (McCabe was also out of range to reclaim his badge). This ended up scoring me Hunting Party as well as creating two more corpse markers for Asami’s summons and summon she did. This turn I had a stronger hand and was able to summon a Jorogumo next to the freshly made corpse markers. She followed this by flipping the squat marker the austringer was previously standing on. The newly formed jorogumo ended up charging Luna (with his 1ap charge thanks to Asami) and killing her. On my opponents side of the table, the death marshal and austringer in the middle attacked the jorogumo and put it down to 1 wound.

On the right flank, my 10T brother ended increasing his engagement range to 4″ to tie up the hounds. They in turn attacked him multiple times and left him with only two wounds. The turn ends with us both scoring our point on strategy.

My Points (2): Squatter’s Rights 1, Hunting Party 1, Detonate The Charges 0
His Points (4): Squatter’s Rights 1, Leave Your Mark 0, Detonate The Charges 3


Turn3 Highlights (Guild won initiative – Guild activated first)
On the left flank, the pathfinder made a break for it towards the backfield (with help from more pushes from McCabe) and dropping a scheme marker, but I flipped for the 3″ place I needed for my 10T brother to catch up to the marker. The swordsman did nothing, but clear paralyze this round and was rewarded by being paralyzed by McCabe for the second turn in a row. I feel like my opponent wasted McCabe’s turn once again by just netgunning a bunch and not trying to get away from my scheme marker. In the meantime, Ama and the hound take swings at each other, but fail to have much effect.

In the middle, Bettari charged through my jorogumo and kills the death marshal before it activates. My opponent responds by attacking my jorogumo and killing it with his remaining austringer. Asami ended up doing a repeat of last round by flipping the center marker and summoning a 2nd jorogumo next to the corpses left by Luna. She then uses her (0) teleport to get behind some dense terrain so McCabe can’t charge her.

On the right flank, The 10T brother earned his mvp status by dodging 4 hound attacks (using his defensive trigger to gain defensive and go Df7), placing 3″ away to drop a scheme marker for detonate, and walking back on top of the squat marker. This round was the turning point for the game as I was able to stop his scoring, while scoring 5 points myself.

My Points (7): Squatter’s Rights 2, Hunting Party 2, Detonate The Charges 3
His Points (4): Squatter’s Rights 1, Leave Your Mark 0, Detonate The Charges 3


Turn4 Highlights (Guild won initiative – Guild activated first)
On the right flank, the two hounds finish off my 10T brother, but it takes all their AP to do it so they can’t flip the marker this round.

In the middle, Bettari red joker damages the final austringer and moves back to try and stop the hounds from getting into the backfield. Asami move back and summons an Obsidian Oni to also help stop the hounds. Amanjaku and (later) the jorogumo charge into McCabe leaving him with 1 wound (horse form). McCabe kills the totem (who charged first) and slows the swordsman again (but fails to paralyze him).

On the left flank, Ama kills a hound to score my final point of Hunting Party. The pathfinder and 10T brother take swings at each other, but do little damage.

My Points (9): Squatter’s Rights 3, Hunting Party 3, Detonate The Charges 3
His Points (4): Squatter’s Rights 1, Leave Your Mark 0, Detonate The Charges 3


Turn5 Highlights (10T won initiative – 10T activated first)
I manage to win activation this round and double walk my obsidian oni up to the squat marker to stop him from flipping it. My opponent concedes at this point since he won’t likely score any more points.

My Points (10): Squatter’s Rights 4, Hunting Party 3, Detonate The Charges 3
His Points (4): Squatter’s Rights 1, Leave Your Mark 0, Detonate The Charges 3


Closing Thoughts: This was my opponents first game with McCabe and he made several mistakes starting with a list that made Hunting Party very easy to score. McCabe’s activation were wasted to lock down the swordsman and little else. I think he should’ve also held Luna back further and spread the dogs out more to score Leave You Mark. That said, his scoring of detonate on the first round did take me by surprise and was well played. On my side of things, I felt didn’t make any major mistakes in the game other then wasting a stone to obey with Ama early in the game. I probably could’ve placed my models a bit further apart to avoid the full 3 points on detonate, but I think he still would’ve gotten it the following turn (though it would’ve burnt more AP to do so).

Model & Upgrades Performance:

  • Asami – She felt solid the whole game. She does have a lot of TNs, but so long as you don’t need to hit more then 1 a round I think she is fine, especially with the extra cards from rush and her upgrade. I think I got a bit lucky with corpse markers this game so I ended up summoning bigger models since I could keep them “phased in” longer , but I’m curious to see how effectively she plays when they aren’t so plentiful.
  • Misdirection upgrade – I wasted 2ss on the misdirection upgrade, but that is only because my opponent didn’t pressure her at all (likely a mistake).
  • Amanjaku – I’m not sure if he is worth the points. I only ended up needing him to bump up flicker once and he did little else in the game. I need to get in a few more games with him to see if he makes the cut.
  • Bettari – I love being able to charge through other models and ignore LOS. Its very powerful ability to hunt down minions or take opponents by surprise. Her damage track is a bit low though, so I wouldn’t target bigger models with her. Also, I think she is best played near Asami so you can move her around when you summon something. This is really great with her From The Darkness and you can summon a jorogumo in front of her, place her behind it, and then charge through it at something.
  • Ama – I don’t think she added a whole lot to the crew other then being a fast model that let me get to a squat marker quickly. She feels like she is easily replaced by another big model, but maybe that opinion would change if I keep her close to Asami.


Well that is all I got for today, so stay tuned for my next battle report soon.